• For depth compensation in the lower section of the rear panel
  • Depth compensation from 15 - 25 mm
  • Self adhesive for easy installation; can be additionally secured by screws
  • Plastic, black

Information on load capacity of cabinet suspension brackets and on accessories
The following basic loading principles must be observed when using cabinet suspension brackets and accessories:
  • Both the furniture design and the quality of the furniture's material and production are beyond our control.
  • The quality and condition of wall materials are also beyond our control.
  • The suspension hooks we supply must be used with wall plugs and are intended for attachment to solid brick, solid sand lime brick, concrete or engineering brick. An 8 mm hole must be drilled into the wall, with the plastic wall plug being knocked in to leave it flush with the surface. The hook must be screwed into a depth that leaves at least 10 mm of its length projecting from the wall.
  • Commercial type special mounting elements must be used for attachment to other wall materials.
  • Dowels and screws must be matched to one another. Ordinary chipboard screws must not be used instead of wall plug screws.
  • Mounting suspension rails:
    - with 2 special screws, ø 5.5 x 50 mm, at the level of each cabinet suspension bracket
    - from a cabinet body width of 900 mm, an additional special screw, ø 5.5 x 50 mm, must be fitted at the centre on the back of each cabinet body (type A, type B and type H).
  • Add on elements, such as end shelves, must not be fitted without separate cabinet suspension bracket.
  • The cabinet maker / dealer is responsible for ensuring that the furniture which is placed on the market meets with the requirements of EN 14749.

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Order no. 20784
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Order no. 20784
Article Spacers
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PU 100 ea.
Split box permitted Yes
Material plastic

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